What do you see? A jungle? Life? Interconnectedness? Expression of God? Can you also see this as a busy city like human ones? A conversation between many species? A longing to live? Can you hear this is talking too?

All of Nature Speaks

Can you hear us? We have a message. We are hurting.

Can you hear us? We have some questions. Let’s begin with this. Why would you hurt your neighbors? Aren’t they human like you? Why would you hurt an animal? It feels pain like you. Why would you destroy living beings to get what you want? Don’t you experience the interconnectedness of all life? How can the unreal you call money, be more sacred than life itself? We are hurting.

Can you hear us? This is us, all those voices, who have no human language, no human sound, no writing…

When it starts dying. Photo CC by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

In many science fiction movies there’s an evil trying to kill humans. And destroying the evil often saves the day. Sadly clear evil stopped by clear heroic actions isn’t the biggest issue in reality. The biggest danger to our world is not even humans, it’s a certain mindset. It is everywhere and if not addressed will kill us all. It is a way of thinking that keeps poisoning the oceans, keeps cutting down forests, keeps producing (soon to be)garbage for profits. And those that profit from this mindset are like monkeys with their hand stuck in a cookie jar; they…

After speaking at a teachers conference in Ukraine (2018) where they are serious about innovating education. Here I introduced my Integral Education Model. How can we teach the whole being, not only the mind?

This is a partial overview of my social inventions. It’s a showcase to some of my work and an eye-opener of the possible range people can have. If they allow themselves.

The Upside

Variation is what I love. And it brings the advantage of seeing connections between many fields. It also has led to many different assignments. I helped Italian business trainers in Venice make their workshops more experience-driven. I played king on a real castle. I was asked to boost educational innovation in Ukraine. I offered game storms to make city managers more creative. I helped test an escape room. I…

A soldier stands guard during operational activity in Nablus, 2002, Picture CC Israel Defense Forces on WikiCommons

Any time people deny reality to push an agenda, people end up hurt.

In the political situation around Israel, we have political players who keep defining this conflict in terms that serve their interests or personal opinion. Ordinary citizens die because of that.

This article is not explaining this war or its history. It addresses the media and all the mindless shouting of social media commenters with fire in their eyes.

I. The wrongness

So let’s clear up some of the smoke.

Israel ≠ All Jews, Israel ≠ All its people, Hamas ≠ Palestine, Palestine ≠ all its people. …

Dear Cai or 蔡林燕 (I assume this is your name), yes,

you are welcome to reprint and (I assume) translate. It would be an honour and I hope an incentive to better games, with a more real world feel. And I dearly hope towards game design, that helps people understand and protect balance of humans and nature much better. I think we need games with that purpose.

As you may have noticed the legal status of the text is CC so nothing stopping you there. And I can dream of being approached by a company that wants my help of applying these ideas in a game. :)

Warm greetings, Floris

Cartoon CC by DonkeyHotey

A Trickle Down Economy Fable

Once there was a very old second hand car dealer, who had a large family who all needed to eat from the incomes of the dealership. Alas most were either too old, or too young to work in his business, or plainly didn’t fit the company. With a yard full of old Cadillacs he needed someone great at selling them. So he hired a new guy, Blowfish Donny, who promised he’d be the best salesman ever.

This new sales guy quickly took matters in his own hand and indeed sales went up. But one day…

Vuurtorens zijn vaak voorbereid op stroomuitval. Is de rest van Nederland dat?

Beste Overheid,

Nederland is in gevaar en het is aan u om deze tekst, of een eigen variant, in elk provinciehuis en elke grote stad ergens op te hangen. Wat te doen als alle elektriciteit uitvalt? Die kans is net zo groot als een storm die onze dijken tot het uiterste test. En als onze voedselveiligheid en waterveiligheid afhangen van elektriciteit en werkende computers, dan lopen we dodelijke risico’s als we niet voorbereid zijn. U BENT GEWAARSCHUWD. Dus aan de slag, want liever voorbereid zijn, dan de nieuwe ‘dijken’ pas na de storm te bouwen.

“De kern van Neerlands kracht…

This is a beautiful, realistic observation of the worth of the unpaid. And your tips are helpful on an individual level. I hope you also keep eyes on the bigger picture.

In the Netherlands the amount of unpaid volunteers (unemployeds, people giving spare time, or needing to use it) is so huge, that if all of them didn't do anything for one day, the damage to the country would be bigger than if any other job would not work one day.

Capitalism separated values of functions. Yet we all carry society as a whole. And our rules around ownership will…

Pristine sea coasts have become rare. The presence of mankind is everywhere and most of it is hurtful for everything else. Every second many tons of plastic enter natural habitats.

Dear United Nations, as in the gathering of nations and global corporations. My name is Neptune, God of the Seas. I want to bring before you acts of heinous crimes, felony, murder, destruction, and blatant misbehavior. All acts you all too often initiate, let alone condone taking place. Stop it.

Now I understand that in all countries to burgle someone’s house, kill someone’s pets, ravage and damage the living room and spray stinking chemicals on the floors that poison the inhabitants would be considered a crime. Yet you act as if the seas, as if all life in nature, have…

Are we rude? Or is it directness? Depends on where you come from. But why are we like this?

Bart de Pau Dutch language and culture educational videos are a popular source to discover the Dutch.

Let’s not beat around the bush and get to it. The Dutch are very direct because:

In modern Dutch design, a little frivolity is welcomed by the way. Being in between Latin frivolity and Scandinavian straightforwardness we get to mix those two. Fun!

1. Calvinism.

The Dutch want it real and with no frivolity. Check their protestant churches: no frills. This also means no hiding, check the open windows of all the houses. This helped create more social control. By the way, the lack of curtains and big windows also helped bring forth…

Floris Koot

Play Engineer. Social Inventor. Gentle Revolutionary. I always seek new possibilities and increase of love, wisdom and play in the world.

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