This movie is a fun ride for kids, but man, what a terrible and obvious subliminal messaging.

The Worst Best Christmas Movie This Year.

I’m deeply shocked by ‘A Boy Called Christmas’. Why? What could have been a magical tearjerker, for the kids it still will be, is a relevant shocker about the entitlement of the powerful. And I hope I can make the ramifications of the slips in this movie clear. Because this…

Picture by Marijke Kodden, Open Up Festival

Write and Share your Mysteriography.

We all may have had some unexplainable experiences, that defied dominant scientific convictions about how reality works. These experiences may even change our lives, influence choices or change perspectives. Such experiences happen with many people. Even quite a few great scientists dreamed solutions, or got chapters for books dictated in…

The overseer facing his work and the light to do it. Phote cc: Unsplash

God meets his overseer for planet earth.

God: So, how are the humans doing?

Overseer: They’re kind of committing collective suicide, oh God.

God: What!? Suicide!? And I gave them these outstanding survival skills. They should be able to hunt even the biggest predators on their planet.

Overseer: (sigh) On their planet, they currently are the biggest…

Gif file CC Wikimedia Commons

A science fiction short story of return to simpler times.

We’ve lived about a 100 years since the Big Return. Currently we are kind of forgetting what it even was about. Nowadays we carefully break down a sick world brick by brick back towards health and we receive those that will dissolve us towards heaven into our midst. Together we…

Creating Saints (for a moment) at Happy Start Up Summer Camp 2019.

The value and work of a social acupuncturist.

Like the human body, a community or festival needs a healthy balance to function well. Especially small spiritual or human development festivals and even communities do well to have a fool present. Fools can bring this balance. When things get too serious, they make fun of the seriousness. When certain…

Floris Koot

Play Engineer. Social Inventor. Gentle Revolutionary. I always seek new possibilities and increase of love, wisdom and play in the world.

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